August 2023

Nearshoring, its potential benefits and what Mexico needs to take advantage of them

Nearshoring is an important opportunity for Mexico today. Logistik Industrial Park invites you to learn what Nearshoring is, what are the possible benefits for Mexico and what the country needs to take advantage of the opportunities it presents.
february 2023

Why ‘Made in China’ Is Becoming ‘Made in Mexico’

Some Chinese companies manufacturing goods for the U.S. are shifting production closer to their biggest market.
february 2023

BMW will invest 800 million euros to manufacture electric cars and will build a battery production center in San Luis Potosí

With an investment of 800 million euros , the German assembly company BMW announced that it will produce “NEUE KLASSE” electric cars at its plant located in San Luis Potosí. In addition, he revealed that they will start up a high-voltage battery production center.
January 2023

The Heart of Mexico

Logistik Industrial Park offers assets and commodities above expectations.
January 2023

San Luis Potosi a City of Future

The Financial Times reviews global cities annually, categorizing them based on various factors from economic potential and lifestyle to cost-effectiveness. Each global city (grouped as large- and medium-size) was assessed to create the same set of data eventually resulting in the list for 2021/2022. San Luis Potosi, a 1.2 million-inhabitant city in Central Mexico, won itself an upscale position from both economic potential and cost-effectiveness.
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