At Logistik, we are industrial logistics experts

And we offer an unbeatable range of advantages

Located over a large aquifer mantle, the park has abundant water availability.
Reliable Electrical energy is supplied by two different resources:
CFE (Federal Electricity Commission) substation that will generate 40 MVAS in the first phase and 40 MVAS in the second phase.
GIS POWER, an alternate company with competitive rates, cleaner energy and high efficiency.

Logistik is the largest industrial park in the country offering a great extension of land opening the possibility for companies to install in on areas of 50 ha+.


Privileged location right at the center of the Golden Triangle, where 78.1% of Mexico’s GDP is generated.
Logistik Industrial Park has direct access to Kansas City Southern railway network therefore is directly connected to the U.S. and Canada.

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